Postcard Sets

Postcard Sets


From the series Our Hearts Were Broken Before We Even Met. These characters, fragments of individuals, struggle to understand what is happening to them. In the company of others, emotional life can become a struggle to survive any revisiting of the painful rupture of our fantasy world.

15cm x 10cm
acid free card

Set 1
Adrianna was so afraid, she could destroy even Tom's most extravagant gifts.

When Malcolm had been able to make a more accurate representation of his anxieties in words, Cherie was once again able to move freely.

Because she was quite impoverished herself, Juliette had been unable to comprehend Brian's deprivation in time.

Set 2
Digby relaxed as soon as he realised Susan was suffering.

After manipulating Jemima to the point where she had no option but to collude with him, Maurice discovered he had lost all desire for her.

Although they were intensely attracted to one another, a container for their intimacy had never materialised. Geoff and Anastasia had no choice but to relish the devastation and work out what they both really wanted.

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