The space in that unlikely niche, discovered by chance, inhabited with gratitude, real estate in the cracks, had quiet soil in a world full of the noisy success I did not have strength to pursue. I needed to think through things, observe, like an artist. The time frame for publication of this work could not have been predicted, with many compelling events enriching the delay.  Rehearsal For Intimacy is the first in a series, a small window onto lived possibilities for thoughtfulness, change and adaption. An experiment and adventure in patience and love. Preview here

Author Thoughts

During periods of academic reading I often wondered whether I could bring the hard-won moments of mental freedom I was experiencing, to a wider audience.  This is the serious business of building or reinforcing a careful and self-loving life - when the main noise implies that minor adjustments are not as important for progress as grand gestures, easy money, notoriety or beauty.  One cracked wall.  One window with bars.  Is it important to know whether we are inside or outside?  There is a screwdriver for marking the passing of time.  

Many of these moments record autobiography, or accounts of life relayed to me by friends.  A few frames refer to conundrums faced by global leaders.  They either involve management of elevated emotional states, some types of confusion, and/or ordinary, common problems faced by humans in their interactions with one another.  Language itself is the main protagonist.  In spite of their differences every frame makes the same proposal.  This is an anti-comic.  No catastrophes, no baddies, no certainties and no saviours.

Maybe the untapped potential for humanity is in the stretch available when individuals examine intrapsychc dialogue.    Possibilities for mind-making come from moving linguistic objects around.  Unexpected arrangements can mean more helpful outcomes.

Inner dialogue often involves unfiltered material - fear, envy, unnamable dread being examples.  These sometimes alarming emotional realities must be included in a sandbox for courageous play.  Facing unimagined futures as the climate becomes more unstable, it seems important to publish this work with the aim of supporting resilience and agility in mind-making.  Radical non-judgemental acceptance and reframing of human frailty in the face of reality will help us find the love we will need to save ourselves and our shared world.